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Drobot E.V., Kutuzova A.O. Importance of ISO standards in foreign-economic activity // Портал научно-практических публикаций [Электронный ресурс]. URL: (дата обращения: 23.10.2017)

Nowadays quality management is main publicity of a company. In today’s world when consumers have on opportunity to choose between great number of suppliers and to dictate terms relating to quality of goods, that they are ready to buy. Consumers want to get confirmation about organization of goods production, that it is organized properly.

One of the standards that can confirm the quality of different aspects in firm’s functioning is group of standards ISO 9000. It was made to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product. International standards were prepared by members of special organization, which is known as International Organization for Standardization. It was already created in 1946 by 25 national standardizing organizations on the basis of 2 previous organizations: ISA (International Federation of the National Standardizing Associations), established in New York in 1926, and UNSCC (United Nations Standards Coordinating Committee), founded in 1944.

The first version of universal certification standards ISO 9000 was issued in 1987. As a basis for creating were accepted standards, used by USA Ministry of Defence for quality assessment of military production suppliers [1, p. 286]. Currently ISO 9000 is taken as a national standard in more than 170 countries.

Situation in global world is permanently changing, developing and progressing, so ISO standards are needed to be corrected and actual. According to it International Organization for Standardization is preparing next new version of ISO 9000. All changes are made taking into account remarks and offers to previous versions of standard.

Standard ISO 9000 is spread on all types of company’s activity, starting with adjustment of process of product release and finishing with making contract, observance of obligations and after-sale service. More than that, standards ISO 9000 describe only minimal requirements, that necessary to do by firms to prove their ability to guarantee quality in all aspects of business activity. Perfecting of quality is not ultimate goal of work, it is a condition for proportional, forward movement.

World experience shows that efficient usage of quality management system on the basis ISO 9000 ensures for companies such benefits: improvement of product quality, cost reduction, betterment of management control system, sustainable use of all types of resources, improvement of cooperation and co-ordination, minimization of incidental expenses, increase of loyalty to the company, general increase of productivity and effectiveness, etc.

These benefits are internal, but they at the same time cause external benefits for the company: increase of the satisfaction level of consumers, that allows to support and expand market share; image building of reliable firm; reduction of barriers for entering to foreign market; establishment of trust relationship with suppliers, partners, government; opportunity to participate in tenders, where presence of certificate is obligatory, etc. Existence of ISO 9000 certificate allows customers to choose quickly right counteragent without independent testing and quality audit of the production.

At present time in USA and Western Europe are certificated more than 80% companies. In China number of such companies is already exceeded 40%. All over the world (including Russia) as of April 2006 standard ISO 9000 was applied by more than million enterprises and about 700000 from them are certificated by ISO 9000. Every month number of certificated companies in all countries-members is increasing on 5000-8000 companies.

In conditions of global market and global competition when consumers can by goods produced in any country, they prefer to buy from companies that have international quality certificate, for example: in accordance with ISO 9000. It gives confidence in not only production quality, but also in proper carrying out of the obligations in terms of supply, warranty and after-sale service.

In the end, increase of requirements for quality systems will provide development and statement in Russia valuable market relations and increase its authority on international market. The successful realization of mentioned transformations is possible only under condition of active government support. Presently Russian government influences on administrative structures of state and municipal level for supporting organizations, where ISO 9000 and Russian analogues are functioning [2, p. 17].

Wide application of certificate on quality system is reflected in insurance, because existence of this certificate demonstrates the reliability of company, and the result is preferential insurance conditions.

However, ISO 9000 standards have some disadvantages. For example, it doesn’t include economic effectiveness. Also this system doesn’t solve all problems related to market competition. Nevertheless, popularity of these standards is constantly growing.


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